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Beyond the Spa: The Hidden World of Happy Ending Massage

Updated: Apr 24

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During my national service (NS), I experienced a bad fall, resulting in injuries with no one else to blame but myself. My physiotherapist's gift to me came in two words: "pain management." Since then, I have grappled with chronic pain.

As a recruit, a fellow officer witnessed my struggles and introduced me to the massage parlors. This initiation exposed me to the clandestine world of happy ending massages. A realm filled with secrecy, discretion, and seduction. Initially, I refused any offers for additional services, insisting solely on massage to alleviate my nerve pain. Moreover, given the limitations of NS pay, any such expenses would have to come out of my own pocket.

Back then, I was a young man, and I'm not here to justify my pleasure-seeking behaviors, admittedly, that much I acknowledge. It started as a therapeutic endeavor but eventually transitioned into a business pursuit. While reading Superfreakonomics which delved into the topic of women selling tricks. That piqued my curiosity about the business aspect of erotic massage. I viewed it as a more conservative yet potentially lucrative form of sex work, elusive and seductive, harder to regulate compared to the heavily regulated red-light districts. It offers more value, caters to niche markets, and, in my estimation, is more profitable.

I wanted to start my own massage business, however, it operates within the gray market, where information is scarce, leaving me shrouded in the fog of war. To obtain firsthand experience and insight into the industry, I decided to 'drink my own champagne' and became a patron of the massage industry. Driven by a combination of lust, curiosity, and the need for therapeutic relief, it evolved into a hobby of mine. I would frequent various massage therapists in diverse settings, gradually becoming their regular client before gently prying for information and stories.

First, let me define what a happy ending massage is. It is a massage service, typically a full-body massage aimed at relaxation and therapeutic purposes. However, at the end of the massage, additional services are offered, typically involving the massage therapist initiating sexual stimulation. The specific sexual services provided vary from one massage therapist to another.

There are various forms of happy ending massages, each with its own setting, security measures, and business structure. The most common and easily accessible form is through the spa setting. Massage parlors can be set up anywhere in the neighborhood and usually offer traditional wellness treatments such as Thai oil massages, Swedish massages, prostate massages, or facials. These massages typically take place in dimly lit rooms with soothing music and aromatic scents to create a relaxing environment.

In this setting, both the establishment and massage therapists are subject to local laws and regulations. Additional sexual services may be offered at the discretion of the massage therapists to their clients. Massage therapists working in the Spa usually share their profits with the establishment and primarily earn income through providing happy endings.

Happy ending massages can also be provided in private residences by freelance massage therapists who choose not to work in spas. They offer their services independently and specialize in sensual massages with happy endings. These private massages may take place on dedicated massage beds or in intimate settings such as bedrooms.

Freelance massage therapists may choose to advertise themselves online, through word of mouth, or via syndicate networks. These syndicate networks collect data on patrons to create both whitelists and blacklists. A blacklist consists of banned individuals, informants, or undercover officers. On the other hand, a whitelist includes individuals trusted by the syndicate and patrons who have been vouched for by other massage therapists who provide happy endings.

Some massage therapists offer house call services, where they travel to the client's location, whether it's a hotel room or home. This is a convenient option for patrons who prefer the comfort and privacy of their own space. However, it comes at a higher cost, considerably more expensive than the previously mentioned options, as the massage therapists are taking on higher risks and are required to travel.

Each sexual service comes with a different price tag. I have a personal rule to never engage in sexual intercourse due to the unfavorable statistics regarding STDs. You can imagine the range of services, though this is not an admission of guilt. I allow the masseuses to decide what additional services they want to provide, and I simply pay accordingly.

I managed to get a few girls talking. It's a lucrative business; some of these girls are making bank just from providing hand jobs, earning anywhere from 10k to 20k a month. It's a pay to play business, with some of the foreign workers paying up to 25k upfront to secure permits to work in Singapore. Others pay more for accommodations, while some opt to reside in the spa or massage parlor.

For the more popular freelance massage therapists, they tend to be younger, tech savvy and make more than those working within the spa establishments. Bao Bei (Precious), not her real name, revealed to me that she makes an average of 22k a month. However, this is before factoring in her condo rental, which is $4k a month. She breaks down her expenses like an auditor, so it's no surprise that some of these girls are very business-minded

I remember this particular girl, pretty face, petite, voluptuous, and skillful. After the massage, she popped the question, but I sensed reluctance. I let things run their course and observed her facial expression and body language; it was clear she was new and not into such services. I decided to foster a positive interaction with her, intending to learn more about her, and the conversation flowed well. After a while, she felt comfortable enough to start ranting to me about Singapore's warm climate, her struggle adjusting to the food, and her dream of being back home. Long story short, I suspected that human sex trafficking might be involved.

That was a stark wake-up call for me. If the human sex trafficking industry is involved, that's not the kind of business I want to be associated with. The estimated annual profit from sex trafficking is $150 billion globally. My curiosity and moral compass have their limits. That's where I draw the line. There's a stark difference between women who choose to engage in sex work by exploiting men's desperation for sexual gratification and those who are coerced into commercial sex work. The former is female empowerment while the latter is forced labor.

Happy ending massages are interconnected with syndicates, the real estate industry, and the human trafficking industry. It's true that vice never dies. While I may not be able to stop them, I can only do the best I can, when I can. The best I can do is to refrain from economically supporting them.

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